Tibicinan C-litter is born 21.4.22 <3

Beautiful Tibicinan C-litter is born 21.4.22, 6 boys and 2 girls. Beautiful coloured; Black-Whites, Sable-Whites, White-Black and Blacks. All puppies are reserved.

Tibicinan C-litter in April 2022

Sofia is mated 17.2.2022 with our very handsome Tuusti, more info under Puppy Plans page 🙂

Tibicinan B-litter is born <3/ Tibicinan B-pentue on syntynyt <3

Beautiful puppies are born in 16.8.2021, 8 puppies, 6 girls and 2 boys <3 More info under Puppy Plans!

Tibetan terriers

My aim is to breed good-tempered dogs that are open and social. For breeding I choose only healthy individuals with no allergies whatsoever. I know the pedigrees like my own pockets! I love classic type Tibetan terriers that have strong heads and jaws.

Fox terriers

Looking beautiful and working well on the hunting can come together in the same package. Health is my top priority and I choose pedigrees with thought.

Kennel Tibicinan

  • owned by ms. Susanna Rusanen
  • located in Kajaani, Finland, Europe
  • breeding since 1994

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Puppy plans

 No Puppy plans at this moment!

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Kennel Tibicinan

Susanna Rusanen
Purnunniementie 330
87500 Kajaani, Finland
tel. +358 40 867 60 87