22.7.12 Kemi Int Show


Tibicinan Lady Lovette -Mia-, EXC1 CQ, BB-2, CAC, Res-CACIB

Tibicinan Neige Noctuelle -Niina-, EXC1 CQ, BB-3, Res-CAC only just 9 months!

Tibicinan Neige Nana -Willa-, EXC4

Tibicinan Last Revolution -Remu- EXC2 CQ, BM-4

Tibicinan Hulanapo -Napo-, EXC1 CQ

Tibicinan Kennel, BOB-Breeder

I’m so happy of these results! Great day, big thanks again to my lovely Team! Many congrats to Maria!

Tibicinan Last Revolution -Remu-

Tibicinan Neige Noctuelle -Niina-

Tibicinan Neige Nana -Willa-

Tibicinan Lady Lovette -Mia-

Tibicinan Hulanapo -Napo-

Tibicinan team