HE JW-11, HE W-11


Elise – Elisei of Darkness

Born in 29.1.2011
Breeder: Barbora Blahova, Czech Rebublic
Owner: Tibicinan Kennel


DNA LL clear
DNA CCL clear

RCD4 clear

PRA3 clear
Elbows 0/0

PL 0/0



Cloudbuster Passion Prince “Henry”

HD-A, PL-0/0
CCL & PLL DNA- clear
BAER – hearing
PRA – neg


German VDH, German KTR Champion, German KTR Junior Champion,
2 x CACIB, CAC, BOB junior, Erzgebirgsjugendsieger 2009, 2 x BOB

Brooke Shields of Darkness

CCL & PLL DNA- clear
PRA – neg


Both parents are from English parents from renowned English kennels as ALILAH, KHADOS and ARAKI, etc. The puppies are almost pure English line!

Both parents are very nice and successful but they also have a very nice and friendly character! Both parents have no signs of hip dysplasia and both are genetically tested for CCL and PLL with the result Clear! Henry has also patella luxation exam PL-0/0 and he is tested by BAER test for hereditary deafness with bilateral hearing the result.

Champion, German KTR Champion, German KTR Junior Champion, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB
Cloudbuster Passion PrinceHD-A, white with sable marks
Togepi Trumpet Trousers at Macandmewhite and sable Alilah Ethan at Togepi
Ch. GB Kyang’s Pa-Tin to Alilah
Ch. GB Kashi Goodnight Vienna at Jantica
Khados Almost An Angel With Togepi
gold sable with white
Johnnie Boy Khados
Ch. GB Khados Long Tall Sally
Khados Pink Passion for Cloudbusterblack and white JW Khados Fun Time Frankie
black and white
Nefertari Tasmanian Devil
Khados Lucy Limelite of Tibtod
Khados Must Be Maude
black and white
Ch. GB Khados Boris The Bold
Cederaire Posh Prudence by Khados

International Champion (C.I.B.), Champion CR, SK, Grand Champion CR, Czech Junior Champion, European Youth Winner 2008, TTC Club Champion, TOP DOG 2nd place IX. group, Club winner 2010, Winner of Specialty, SKAR-MO-best female, 5 x National winner, Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner 2008, multi CAC, 18x CACIB, 24 x BOB, 3 x BIG, 5 x res.BIG, 2xBIG3, BIG5, 2 x BOD, 2 x BIS,BIS female,res.BIS puppy, BIS puppy, res.BIS young female etc.

Brooke Shields of Darkness

white, black marks, HD-A, PLL DNA clear, CCL DNA clear

ICh., Ch. SK, Junior Club Winner TTC, Club Champion TTC, Junior Club Winner (Pl), Club Winner TTC 2007, Club Winner 2007 (SK), Club Winner 2007 (Pl), BIS Junior, 3th BIS Junior male, BOB, CACIB, res. CACIB, CAC, CWC, CAJC, …

ICh. Alilah Jackanory

HD – A/A, black & white

Alilah Freddie

white & black, HD-5/6 (UK)

ICh., Ch. NL, LUX Total Touch Talk of the Town, black, white marks
Ch. B Boshanti Sybil of Alilah
gold sable & white
Junior Warrant
Alilah Caprice
black & white,HD-3/5 (UK)
Ch. GB, S Kyang´s Pa-Tin to Alilah
white & gold
Ch. GB Alilah Novana at Boshanti
cream sable


Ch. A´Ya Sher Kipu Khyim

HD – A/A

black, white marks

ICh., Multichampion
Araki Chief-Krazy-Quilt

black, white marks,
Dolbrook Disneyland at Earlstoke
Ch. Araki American Way
white, black marks
ICh., Ch. ČR, Pl, JCh. ČR, Club champion TTC, Club Junior Winner, Best female TT in Club Winner Show 2003, National Winner, BOB, CACIB, CAC, CWC
Ashar Yontan Najkosyva

black, white marks,
Body Spik
Abil Djomo Gangkar
black, white marks,




Puppy plans


Next Tibicinan E-litter will be born in June 2023!


FI Ch Honeycreek Ashlyn Queen Of Diamonds At Tibicinan


HD B/B, Elbows 0/0, PL 0/0, Eyes Clear, Clear of PLL, PRA3, RCD4 &  Pituitary Dwarfism, Ncl Carrier. Mother of Tibicinan A & B-Litters. 


C.I.B FI & EE & LV CH LVW-19 Pindaros Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble -Samu-

HD A/A, Elbows 0/0, PL 0/0, SP0, LTV0, Eyes Clear, Clear of PLL, NCL, PRA3 & RCD4, Pituitary Dwarfism carrier


 Both parents have always been perfectly healthy, absolutely wonderful characters, and have great temperaments. The coat quality is perfectly straight with both, I look forward to getting gorgeously moving, strong heads, gorgeous puppies of square proportions with style.

More information: susanna.rusanen@elisanet.fi

Smooth Fox Terrier Tibicinan F-litter is expected in July 2023!


Kennel Tibicinan

Susanna Rusanen
Purnunniementie 330
87500 Kajaani, Finland
tel. +358 40 867 60 87