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I have bred Tibetan Terriers since 1994 with my mother and since 2006 I have continued breeding by myself. At 2016 during Christmas time I has my first Smooth Fox Terrier litter.

I got my first Tibetan Terrier in 1990. He was a black-white male from Baba-Hatun kennel. In 1992 I got a gold-colored male CH Budoar Golden Tiger which I loved especially. The following year I got a bitch called CH Budoar Silver Dove and she was the foundation bitch of my kennel.

At present my family includes three Tibetan Terriers, one Smooth Fox Terrier and my husband’s policedog. I have also three sons: Samuel, Sulo and Sisu. We live by the lake, we have a big yard where the dogs have lots of space to run.

All of my breeding puppies live middle of our family and get lot of loves from all of us.

I love these breeds!


 The most important things to me are that Tibetan Terriers have strong heads, strong jaws, long movements, well angulated hind parts, large feet and prima coat texture. I would also definitely cherish the health of the breed. I aim for the nature of good temperament, to have happy, courageous and open dogs that are typical of the breed character.

Kennel Tibicinan

Susanna Rusanen
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