An exquisite Obedience Trial result & IPOR (search & resque dog’s)


Fi Ch BH OB2 Tibicinan Empereur Resolu -Reiska- has passed 17.5.2012
SAR (search-and-rescue) dog trial (IPOR Suitability test) in rubble area
search in Helsinki, Finland with rating ”Excellent”. Not only that, but he
was the best dog of the trial getting 90/100 points from part A
(Obedience & Dexterity) and 98/100 points from part B (Rubble search).

Reiska has obtained perhaps the first ever FCI-approved working titles for
Tibetan terrier, as he now has titles BH and RH-T E. How cool is that!

And this is not all about Reiska’s recent success: The last Saturday 12th
May we got to celebrate exquisite results in an Obedience trial, Class 3
(there are 4 obecience classes in Finland, class 3 is the second highest)
as Reiska got 256p/320p /First prize, and is now allowed to entry the
International Obedience trials in the highest Class ! It was in 1996 when
this happened last time in Finland among Tibetan terriers, so we are really
happy & proud !!

I’m so proud of you Minna and Reiska, you really are great Team!

After Reiska has found the victim in the rubble rescie search:
”We are from the dog search and rescue. Is everything ok ? Can you get out
from there ?”

Heelwork & crossing over 0.4 m, 0.6 m. and 0.8 m obstacles